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QIV Tokens
To maintain mutual comfort in this forum we set a number of rules that apply, all forum members must obey the rules in this forum. each user before posting something must read the rules in this group.

Basically all the forums have are aimed at education, knowledge sharing, and research.
everyone is free to share anything but there are things that must be obeyed namely, users are prohibited:
  • Hate speech.
  • offensive to ethnicity, race, religion, and certain groups.
  • pornographic.
  • illegal drugs.
  • method of theft of personal data.
  • take spam action.
basically this is a general rule in this group, but you also have to comply with specific rules on each post.

any act that violates will be subject to sanctions from the reduction in the QIV token until the member is banned.

When you post on this forum, we assume you are ready to obey and comply with any existing rules and are ready to accept sanctions.

to each user, please pay attention to every source in this forum not for commercial purposes, if you like these resources we hope you buy products from the devplover, because that will respect the deplovers.
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