Ronaldo Slides 2 Bottles, Coca-Cola Market Capitalization Evaporates.

The recent action of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo made the soda beverage company, Coca-Cola lose a market value of US$4 billion . This happened after Ronaldo shifted two bottles of Coca-Cola at a press conference ahead of the Euro 2020 match Monday (13/6/2021). As a result of this action Coca-Cola shares plunged in the New York stock exchange. According to The Sun, Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd’s share price fell from US$56.10 to US$55.2 per share.

Shares of the soda drink company experienced the lowest decline of 1.6 percent. However, it managed to strengthen again some time later at the position of 55.44 US dollars at the close of trading. On this matter, Coca-Cola issued a statement in response to CR7’s actions. Management said that what CR7 does is everyone’s right to their drink preferences. “Everyone is entitled to their drink preferences, and everyone has different tastes and needs,” the management said.

Ronaldo is known for a strict diet and avoiding sugary foods, sticking to eating clean meals up to six times a day to maintain his amazing physique as he ages. Also read: Facing the Impact of the Pandemic, This is Coca Cola’s Amatil Kick While still a Real Madrid player, club doctors said Ronaldo had the body of a footballer ten years younger and could continue playing at the top level into his 40s.