Shorten url get money?

Shorten url get money, is a new method to make money by shortening your url, besides making it easier for you to share your url address or link this can be a value for making money online.


Make money by shortening the url?
There are many ways to make money by shortening your url or link, one of which is joining the service to shorten the url or site link, and after you join the next thing is shortening your link or url, and sharing it with whatever you want for example social media or email, or forum, etc.

The best URL Shortener?
The best URL Shortene now is, this service is built by having features that are easy to use, payments that are very easy with a minimum withdrawal of only $ 1, even using this URL shortener without using captcha this will certainly make users comfortable.

How do you join
To join it's quite easy, you only need to visit this site, select the registration menu, you can register with two options, use email or with your Facebook account.
If you use the e-mail after registering, make sure you confirm your registration, a confirmation link is sent to your registration e-mail and click the available link, if you have successfully confirmed that you need to do you fill in your personal data and select the method of withdrawing the funds that you want.

Published on: 10/25/18, 11:59 PM