What is URL Shortener ?

English Version Wikipedia says URL shortening (Shortener URL) is a technique on the World Wide Web where Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) can be made substantially shorter and still point to the page needed. This is achieved by using the HTTP Redirect on a short domain name, which connects to a web page that has a long URL.

For example, the URL "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URL_shortening" can be abbreviated to "https://qiv.me/TvJfxq2". This is very convenient for messaging technologies like Twitter and Identi. This method greatly limits the number of characters that can be used in messages. Short URLs allow long web addresses, must be referred to in a tweet. In November 2009, a short link from Bitly's URL shortening service was accessed 2.1 billion times.

Shortener URL usage

Still in the same source, the purpose of URL shortening is to "beautify" the link, track clicks, or disguise the underlying address. Although disguising the underlying address might be desirable for legitimate business or personal reasons, it is open to abuse and for this reason, some URL shortening service providers have found themselves in spam blacklists, because their redirect service usage with sites tries to cut those blacklists. same. Some websites prevent short URLs being directed from being posted.

However, in my opinion, the URL shortener I really like. As a beginner I have a blog that provides several tutorials that need to be downloaded by the reader, then I shortened the download link via the shortener site. As a result, every time someone enters the link I will be paid by the owner of the shortener because the person who is downloading has accidentally seen the ad displayed by the shortener.

What is the income (income) through the URL shortener?


As a beginner, I told you that my blog only has 100-200 visitors per day, say half of those who download via shortener, But if you see the blog of the blogger master, they can increase visitors with SEO Tricks up to 3000-5000 visitors a day. I can't imagine their income. And on average they are not geniuses at all, it's just that they are more diligent in learning. Because there are special tricks to increase visitors to the blog.

Published on: 10/21/18, 3:28 AM